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We invite corporate clients to the Riviera.

"Riviera" is a 3-storey complex in the New Town with 5 rooms with a capacity from 30 to 120 people.

  • Corporations of any occasion: birthdays of the company or employees, professional holidays, New Year.
  • Banquets, receptions, coffee breaks, official receptions.
  • Business events. Our 5 halls are transformed into various combinations: a conference hall + a banquet hall + themed areas

Simultaneous accommodation of more than 300 people

A varied menu and drinks. Banquet menu. There is a bar.

WI-FI, air conditioning.

Parking in front of the entrance for private cars and large buses.

Each room is equipped with an audio system (computer, amplifiers, speakers, radio microphones).

If necessary, the show program, leading, DJs, vocalists is provided.

We work individually with every corporate client! There are discounts!